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Happier Parents, Calmer Kids

Bringing Free Resources to Parents of Anxious Children


EMBRACE Calmer Kids (ECK) is a resource hub for parents of children with anxiety, to help you find some calm, to give you the hope you have been craving, and to help your child manage their anxiety with courage and confidence.

ECK wasn't created by a trained Counsellor, Occupational Therapist, or Psychologist; it was created by a Mum who spends countless hours reading, researching and training, and would have loved to find a website just like this.


A website that provides the types of resources she needs to help herself and her daughter manage their stress and anxiety. A website with everything in the one place. So after many years of research, she created her own resources website, bringing together everything she has learnt and continues to learn. Sharing the best information, courses and books she has found, all in the hopes of helping other families create a calmer and happier life together. 

Here are a few reasons why you may find this website helpful

You want to find someone who gets it, another parent who understands what it’s like to be struggling with a child who has anxiety. 

You are searching for a site that links you to the ‘good stuff’ – experts’ websites, courses, books that have been helpful to another parent who has experienced similar challenges.  

You want an online hub of resources where you can go to find down to earth tips and strategies to support you in helping your anxious child. A place to find whatever resource you want or need to create calmer kids and a happier life.

You don’t want to have to search the internet for hours on end, you want help wading through the crazily overwhelming amount of information out there. 

Join our Community 

Receive our FREE "How to Help Reduce your Child's Anxiety eBook"

as well as other Printable's, Fresh Tips and Helpful Book Summaries. 

Stay Up to Date and Connected with the latest research and information.

I receive no financial benefit for recommending or linking to other websites, books or courses.

It is my passion and mission simply to share information with other parents to help make their lives easier.

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