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Being a parent is a tough gig!


We go from elation to exhaustion and back again, and that can be within the space of 5 minutes. It’s especially tough when our child has additional challenges; whether it’s a confidence thing, or they are an expert worrier, or they just haven’t yet learnt how to manage their strong feelings and behaviour. It’s heartbreaking when you love them so much, and at the same time it can feel so hard when you’re at a loss for what to do next. 

My daughter and I have gone through some tricky times. We both have anxious thoughts. Sometimes we get more caught up in them more than others, but we have learnt sooo much. We have reached a stage where we both understand and can manage our busy minds much better.


It seems so long ago that my daughter was consumed by her emotions and I was struggling to separate the plain old ‘bad behaviour’ from the behaviour that was coming from a place of fear and confusion. She has grown into a super calm, happy, fun, courageous and energetic young person and continues to impress me with her motivation and confidence. Trust me, it's no picnic, we still have our ups and downs, but now I know we will be fine and we ride through them together.

I feel blessed to have gone through this journey with her and feel inspired to share with others, like you…


This is one of the many reasons I created the Embrace Kid Coaching Program. It feels so important to reassure you, that it is possible to shift a young person’s mindset, so that day-to-day life can become more manageable, fun and enjoyable. With a shift in mindset they can feel empowered and have the best possible chance for a life filled with success and happiness.

Hi! I’m Anita Ness, a mum and trained Kids Life Coach. 


I support Parents, by building Self-Awareness, Courage and Resilience in Children, and creating Positive Habits that last a Lifetime.

I provide valuable tailor made 1:1 kid coaching and a toolkit for life.

The EMBRACE Kid Coaching Program could be a good match for you and your child if...

If YOU would like to feel more...
•    Calm and patient
•    Hopeful, that things can shift for you and your child
•    In control, as you learn some great tools alongside your child
•    Understanding, when things aren’t going so well
•    Lightness and some relief, that things are on track
•    Support and encouragement, from a mum who understands


If you would like YOUR CHILD to be more...
•    Courageous and confident
•    Able to manage their reactions to their busy thoughts and strong feelings
•    Resilient and able to bounce back, when the yukky bits of ‘life happen’
•    Focused and motivated
•    Comfortable building friendships and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs
•    Growth mindset focused - Realising that challenges are opportunities to learn, and mistakes are proof that they are trying
•    Trusting of themselves to make good choices
•    Able to communicate effectively, especially when they need help
•    Grateful for you and all the other good things in their lives
•    Aware of their strengths
•    Able and happy to be themselves, in a world filled with comparisons


If any of these points resonate with you, then please reach out to me by email at

At Embrace Kid Coaching we focus on

Wellness rather than illness and on

Solutions rather than problems

There is a bunch of FREE resources specific to helping children manage their anxious thinking and behaviour, for you to access anytime. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, have a quick read through this one on Managing Expectations and Building Resilience.

I create an individually tailored 1:1 coaching program for each child, that supports awareness and learning through fun play-based activities, around the areas of:

  • Habits - Healthy Mind & Body

  • Behaviours

  • Social Skills

  • Stress management

  • Confidence, Courage and Resilience

  • Self-belief, Self-esteem, Self-worth and Acceptance

I am here to support you and your child, and I would love to help you create a life filled with more calm and happiness.


Deep down, everyone desires peace of mind, the realisation of their potential and a sense of belonging. I’m here to support you and your child in getting to this beautiful place.

If you would like to have an obligation free chat with me, or if you would just like to find out more about the EMBRACE Kid Coaching program, I would love to hear from you! 

I’m glad you’re here.

Warmest Wishes




In the EMBRACE Kid Coaching programs we

  • INSPIRE Kids through Play Based Activities

  • INCREASE their Self-Awareness

  • EMPOWER them to manage their own Behaviour

  • Help them REALISE their true Self-Worth

  • BUILD their Confidence and Resilience

  • CREATE Positive Habits that last a Lifetime

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