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How ECK can help you

Reasons why you may have come to this site…  

  • You want to find someone who gets it, another parent who understands what it’s like to be struggling with a child who has anxiety 

  • You are searching for a site that links you to the ‘good stuff’ i.e. experts’ websites, courses, apps, books. Information that has been helpful to another parent who has experienced similar challenges  

  • You want an online hub of resources where you can go to find down to earth tips and strategies to support you in helping your anxious child. A place to find whatever resource you want or need to create calmer kids and a happier life 

  • You don’t want to have to search the internet for hours on end. You want help wading through the crazily overwhelming amount of information out there 

  • You want some simple strategies to try, because the ones that were working last week aren’t working so well this week 

  • You feel the family needs to press the refresh button, something to shift the way you’re all thinking and handling things at the moment

  • You want a site that leads you to exactly what you need to pick you up and keep you going

  • You want a one-stop-shop, where it’s easy to find what you want for the challenge you’re facing today. A hub, where it all comes together and just makes sense

  • You want a place to go when you need help to get through tough times, or when you're feeling stuck as to what to try next 

  • You want to feel the comfort, that comes from knowing you've found another person that is going through similar challenges


My hope is that the EMBRACE Calmer Kids website provides all this for you

I created this for you, for all Parents that are trying to help their Children manage their anxiety and have a calmer, happier life. ​Knowing that there is Always Hope and New Resources being discovered and available through this website. Feeling that you can take on the challenges with Courage and Confidence.

My goal is calmer kids and happier parents

I hope you come away from visiting EMBRACE Calmer Kids…  

  • Feeling lighter, more supported 

  • Thinking it’s an efficient use of time having one website with all the links what you want

  • Knowing that you have some new tools to use and tips to try, to help you and your family cope with the challenges better 

  • Feeling... she’s a mum and she gets it

  • Understanding that the aim of Embrace Calmer Kids, is to help reduce the stress of busy parents that are trying to manage the challenges of anxiety with their children 

What I want for you, is to

  • Have hope at times when it feels like there is none, for both children and parents

  • Feel that there will be calmer and happier times

  • Believe that things will and can get better

  • Know that anxiety can be managed and our children can be successful and happy, living with and managing their anxiety

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I receive no financial benefit for recommending or linking to other websites, books or courses.

It is my passion and mission simply to share information with other parents to help make their lives easier.

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