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Supporting Parents of Anxious Children and

Coaching Kids to build Resilience, Courage and Confidence

Creating More Calm and Peace of Mind

For you and your Family

Welcome to EMBRACE Your Spark!

We support Parents of Anxious Children and

Coach Kids to build Self-Awareness, Resilience, Courage and Confidence.

Our mission is to Create more Calm and Peace of Mind for You and Your Family, by providing the following services...

Free online resources to
help reduce anxiety in children (EMBRACE Calmer Kids), and
Personalised coaching programs for kids to
build their resilience, courage and confidence (EMBRACE Kid Coaching).

We’re here to support you to find the help you want, in a way that works best for you and your family.

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In 2018 we created EMBRACE Calmer Kids, a resource hub for parents of anxious children,
built from many years of personal research and experience.


ECK provides free information and resources to help parents easily find tips and tools to support their anxious children.


There are links to books, useful websites, courses, free printables and more, written for parents, kids and teachers.


Creating Happier Parents and Calmer Kids

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We then realised that the next step was to reach out a helping hand and offer personal coaching for the young children we are so passionate about helping.

The EMBRACE Kid Coaching programs are carefully designed and developed.

I trained as a Kid Coach with the Kids Life Coach Academy in 2019 and have adapted what I learnt to match my client's needs and my quest for calmer kids and happier parents. We provide tailor made one on one coaching programs for kids. This includes all children, not just those with anxious thoughts, but any child that could do with a little boost of self-confidence, resilience, growth mindset or empathy. Any child that might benefit from realising the choices they have with regards to their behaviour, friendships and more.

It’s easy to get caught up in unhelpful thinking and habits, in the EKC program we coach your child to realise their strengths, individual superpowers and true life potential. We Inspire kids through Play Based Activities to increase their self-awareness, empower them to manage their own behaviour, help them realise their true self-worth, and build their confidence and resilience. Creating positive habits that last a lifetime and a toolkit for life.


Building Resilience, Courage and Confidence

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Mum of 12 year old

If you're looking for a gifted coach that 'gets' your kid, effortlessly builds trust and can break down the complex way the brain effects our feelings and behaviour into terms kids can easily understand - Anita is for you.

Mum of 11 year old

EMBRACE Your Spark has been a truly eye opening journey for both my son and me! Anita is wonderful.

Mum of 7 year old

Anita really changed our lives.

My daughter was struggling with anxiety, anger and friendship issues. Anita helped her find tools to deal with her frustration. Tools to help her feel brave and strategies for making and keeping strong friendships.
I can not thank Anita enough.
She brought my little girl back to me.

Kind Words from our
Awesome Young Clients and their Beautiful Families

Important note:

The information, resources and blog posts on this website provide general information, and share our personal experience. They are not to be considered medical advice for any reason, and are to be used as a guide only. It’s important to note, that what is best for your child/teen will depend on their personal history and circumstances. For this reason, if you require more support, information or guidance with regards to a particularly concerning issue or challenge, please speak with your GP. They will be able to assess your child/teen’s specific situation and requirements. Your GPs advice will help with deciding on the best and most effective course of action for your family and circumstances.

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I receive no financial benefit for recommending or linking to other websites, books or courses.

It is my passion and mission simply to share information with other parents to help make their lives easier.

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