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Free Printables

Welcome to the EMBRACE Your Spark FREE printables page. I will continue to post new and useful tips and tools here, so if you would like to receive them fresh off the press via email please come and join our community.


I hope you will find these printables and the related blog helpful and handy to use at home with your anxious child.


Creating more peace of mind for you and your family.

Everyone gets anxious_You are not broken_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Things to say to help calm your anxious child_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Acceptance, Approval, Love_Be Curious_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Its ok to be different_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Building Resilience in kids_20 Practical and Powerful Strategies_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Step Laddering_Helping kids with Anxiety_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
5 finger breathing, visual, pdf, technique. EMBRACE Kid Coaching #AnitaNess
Sibling Rivalry Strategy_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Calming Technique.png
Soft heart in cruel world_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
How deep is the mud_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Don't Judge, Send Love_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Hot Choc Breath_Girl.png
EYS_Morning Routine Chart - Girl Version
What if 2020 isn't cancelled_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
EYS_Morning Routine Chart - Boy Version_
Hot Choc Breath_Boy.png
My Daily Plan_tool_EMBRACE Calmer Kids #Anita Ness
Circle of Control.png

That's it for now, I will continue to add to this page as I find more great information and create more fun tools for you.  


Feel free to contact me and let me know of your favourite books, websites, resources, tips and I’ll be happy to share them with the rest of our community. 


Warm wishes


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It is my passion and mission simply to share information with other parents to help make their lives easier.

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