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So many of us struggled with Friendships at school.

It can be heartbreaking to see and hear what goes on between ‘friends’ and what is said, or done. Dana from URSTRONG teaches kids (and parents too) how to best deal with these tricky friendship challenges.


Friendship Expert and Founder of URSTRONG, Dana Kerford, presents great, simple and real programs and workshops that share tools, strategies and language, to help kids stand up for themselves, create healthier friendships and increase self-confidence. She does this in a really fun and easy to remember way that will make you smile - I love this program!


The URSTRONG program helps you realise that You really Deserve to have Healthy, Positive Friendships and how you can go about handling tricky friendship situations.





URSTRONG teaches kids and adults a common language for confidently managing conflict and helps create a culture based on respect and kindness.


This unique program empowers you with the skills and self-confidence to develop healthier relationships. Students learn what’s normal in a friendship, the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships, and how to stand up for themselves.


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