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Great Questions

Great Questions to Ask


With my daughter, I found that after a challenging situation had well and truly calmed down, a quiet chat using some of the questions below were really helpful. It got us thinking about what bits of the situation and thoughts were real, as well as which negative thoughts we could replace with positive realistic thoughts.


These types of questions are also used within the GoZen! Videos and the Detective Thinking part of the Cool Kids Program (see links below).


Questions to ask yourself…

  • What’s the evidence or proof or facts that… something (negative) will happen?

  • What’s the evidence or proof or facts on the other (positive) side?

  • What’s another way of looking at the situation?

  • [If the worst happens] How could you cope? What could you do?

  • What’s the best that could happen?

  • What’s the most realistic or likely or sensible outcome?

  • What happens when you tell yourself (negative thought) over and over again that…

  • What would happen if you changed your thinking?

  • What would you tell a friend in the same situation?

  • What do you think you should do?



GoZen! Learn how to understand and control your worry through watching animated videos and cartoons.


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The Cool Kids program is a program that teaches kids (including teenagers) and their parents how to better manage anxiety.


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