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High Sensitivity

High Sensitivity


The behaviour specific to a Highly Sensitive person may go unnoticed or may be mislabeled as shy

I always wondered why the most regular TV advertisement or news report could send me into tears. I am empathetic, but had no idea that so much of my childhood confusion could be explained by learning that I was a Highly Sensitive Child.


High sensitivity can generally present itself as feelings of overwhelm or distress due to:

  • excessive or loud noises

  • large crowds

  • overwhelming or intense emotions

  • bright lights

  • irritation from fabric or clothes (the sensitivity to clothes, labels, textiles, noise etc can be referred to as Sensory Processing)

Both my daughter and I are highly sensitive to various things, and over the years we have learnt that the opposites of these things can be incredibly calming. It’s definitely an up-side, that nothing gives more comfort than the softest of blankets, the squishiest of hugs, or the most peaceful music.



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The Highly Sensitive Child, by Elaine N. Aron. This book gives great insight into the world of a Highly Sensitive Child. You may be either a Highly Sensitive or not, it doesn’t limit the amount of great information you’ll find here.

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Seamless Socks and other products for Sensitive Kids. I found this website selling seamless socks many years ago. I only realised the other day, that she is in the habit now of turning all her socks inside out, so they are much more comfortable.

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Squishies are now an obsession for many school kids, but it makes sense, especially for anyone that is highly sensory. They squish and squeeze the squishy, it feels good and creates a sense of calm. Just ask my daughter she loves them.

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