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Anxiety Programs

Anxiety Programs for Children

I came across these General Anxiety Programs over the past 8 years. Take a look and see if you feel any of them would work for you and your child.



The Brave Program is an online self-help program, for the treatment, early intervention, and prevention of anxiety in children and adolescents. 


This program was created by QLD University and is available at no cost. 


Learn More about the Program 


I haven’t gone through this program yet, but I am very impressed with the website and theory behind it. Bonus is it’s free too!

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GoZen is an on-line program which provides learning through animated videos, children watch entertaining cartoons to learn skills of resilience and well-being. 


Get More Information and see a Free Video Sample  


One of the things I love most about this program, is that parents and children can watch and work through the videos and resources together. I think it’s an EXCELLENT resource for kids and parents alike.  


For us personally, I was super happy to see how engaged my girls were with the program and how easy it was to go through together. The videos and the questions at the end of each session have led to some great chats for us, and a much better understanding of how anxiety affects people in different ways

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The Cool Kids program is a structured, skills-based program that teaches children (including teenagers) and their parent(s) how to better manage a child’s anxiety. 


It involves the participation of the children and their parent(s), and focuses on teaching clear and practical skills. 


Learn More about the Cool Kids Program 


This program was brought to us by our local school, it has some great basic strategies for helping manage anxiety. 


I came across The Anxiety-Free Child CD package and Book several years ago. 


Learn More about the Package 


I found it very helpful and really enjoyed listening to the CDs when I was driving on my own in the car. It definitely created a few mini a-ha moments for me.

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