It might sound crazy, but I still forget to breathe sometimes.      


Below are some great APPS to help you, or your child focus on breathing - Keeping it Simple and Fun… 

Breathe App from 


Helps you slow down your breathing and heartrate using visual cues. It is very effective! 

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Stop, Breathe, Think App 


Allows you to check in with your emotions, meditate and breathe, based on your mood. 


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Calm App 


It has visual breathing exercises and calming sounds to help you relax. 


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BEFORE you REACT… Pause… Take a breath 

Try to come from a place of kindness (I know, it’s easier said than done some days), then CHOOSE how you would like to RESPOND. 


Check in with yourself, what thoughts and feelings are going on with you? 
Sometimes even just labelling the emotion helps to accept it and move past it. 



One of my favourite notes around the house is… 

“When given the choice between being RIGHT or KIND, choose KIND”

by Dr Wayne W. Dwyer (Pic from

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