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Provide Win-Win Options

Provide Win-Win Options

Empowering children to make their own choices 

This is a very effective way to help your child feel that they have control and influence over a situation, which also gives them a new level of commitment, comfort and confidence


As an alternative to telling them to go to their room, maybe ‘ask’ your child: 

  • Would you like to have a shower? Or would you like to jump in the pool to cool off / calm down? 

  • Would you like to read a book? Or would you like to listen to music? 

  • Would you like us to do the Smiling Minds meditation together? Or would you like to do it on your own? 

  • Did you want to use your headphones? Or would you like to just put it on speaker? 


I’ve also found letting my girls make up their own rules, rewards (and even consequences) makes them feel much more committed to the process. They love having ownership and control over how things will happen.  


Click here to read a little more of our story for a few examples of what I mean.

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