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Down Time

Down Time


It’s good for all of us to learn how to enjoy just hanging out, learn to ‘just be’, rather than doing stuff all the time. No one needs to always be on the go or doing activities, it’s not good for us. 

Having some Quiet Down Time is Very Important.


Constantly rushing around sends our bodies into overdrive, making our hormones go crazy, shortening our breath, pumping our adrenalin, and leaving us exhausted – not really what we want is it? 


Ideas to help create a sense of calm and recharge the brain:

  • Reading 

  • Colouring (mandalas can be great for the older children/parents) 

  • Mindfulness Meditation (see separate Kids Mindfulness Meditation Resource page for some guided meditations to try) 

  • Play an instrument 

  • Draw (there are some awesome YouTube drawing videos at Art for Kids Hub, see Helpful Resources below for a link)  

  • Listen to music 

  • Playing sport  

  • Jumping on the trampoline 

  • Swimming 


It’s great for you to have your ‘something’ that creates a sense of Happiness and Calm. Something that is a great recharger for your energy levels. 


Find your thing something repetitious and Fun!! It might be Sudoku, playing the guitar, cross words, meditation, mandala colouring… get creative, see what you can come up with! 


The Art for Kids Hub is great, children just love it! Watch as they teach you and show you step by step how to draw. Fun for all ages. 


Learn to Draw / Have some Fun 

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