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Self-Compassion and Self-Care


Self-compassion and self-care are things to do that are easy to forget about and push to the side, but they are so so important!  


We all need to do things that remind us to be kind to ourselves, to do what feels nurturing, to do things to re-charge our energy, and for each of us it’s something different. 



Some ideas that I use to practice self-compassion and self-care 




I listen as I do my chores, or walk our little Cavoodle Molly ( Love them! I subscribe to Audible, but you can download just one or two that take your fancy). Not only do they keep the mind happy, but I feel much more productive too.  



10 minutes in the sunshine really helps me recharge 


Mindfulness Meditation 

In the morning, evening, or when I’m feeling stuck (see separate Kids Mindfulness Meditation page section for some guided meditations to try) 


Hanging Out with Friends 

There’s nothing like a hanging out with friends to get those good feelings and fun happening 


Exercise and Healthy Eating 

This is obviously nicely balanced with chips & chocolate.